Welcome on this free Primecoin Ψ (XPM) cryptocurrency mining pool

This pool is really free: no registration, no fee, only free software...
And you can also get some Primecoins for free via our Faucet !

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Ψ (XPM) Primecoin Pool

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This pool use a Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS) system.
On each discovered block by this pool, we send you all the XPM reward related to the shares you submit during the 720 previous blocks (around 12h).

Primecoin Mining

To mine Primecoin with this pool, you can use:
jhprimeminer -o http://pool-prime.net:10034 -u ADDRESS -p x
where ADDRESS is your's Primecoin address to receive rewards for mining with this pool.

You can use any miner compatible with xpt protocol (introduced by ypool.net) on 10034 port.

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There is a thread for this pool on peercointalk.org
You can also have a look on www.reddit.com/r/primecoin
and www.coinjabber.com/currency/primecoin


This pool is running a free software derivated from : Candypool.
HTTPD server with WSGI module is : Apache.
This web site is running a software build with : Django.
And database storage use : PostgreSQL.
Faucet software from : faucetbox.com
To help this pool, you can do a XPM donation

Another project about primes : GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search)